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WRCP's roping wires are tested 100% to tension, torsion and bending prior to its manufacture into rope. Likewise, the finished rope is subjected to Destruction Test using the 100-ton destruction machine for every production length completed.

WRCP acquired an Annealing and Twisting-off Machine from Talurit AIB of Sweden to "fused and tapered finished ropes for easy installation, reduce cabling, maintain its low rotation characteristics (preventing strands from twisting) and retain rope uniform loading from manufacturing into delivery site and in use. It is the first of its kind in the Philippines.

Our facilities are well equipped for testing roping wires through bending,, torsion, and tension. We have a 100-ton capacity J Buckman & Co. Ltd., Leers, England made Destruction (Testing) Machine that is used for testing finished ropes.


Our testing facilities also include a DENISON 12,500-lb testing equipment from Hunslet Foundry Leeds, England for wire tensile test form 0.41 mm to 4.01 mm diameter.

torsion machine Shown here is our Torsion Machine, Sam Denison from Leers, England for wire testing with wire range:

• from 0.25 mm to 0.41mm - distance gauge of four (4) inches
• from 0.42 mm to 1.53mm - distance gauge of six (6) inches
• from 1.54 mm to 4.01mm - distance gauge of eight (8) inches

bending machine Our Bending Machine, Sam Denison & Sons Ltd., also made in England for wire testing with wire range:

from 0.25 mm to 1.09mm - Grip or raddle used is 2.50 mm
from 1.12 mm to 2.01mm - Grip or raddle used is 5.00 mm
from 2.03 mm to 3.00mm - Grip or raddle used is 7.50 mm
from 3.01 mm to 4.01mm - Grip or raddle used is 10.00mm



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