Production Facilities

Manufacturing Process

We have a total of twenty (20) Production Machines, eight (8) winding machines, eight (8) Stranding Machines, two (2) Strander/Closer Machines and one (1) Planetary Machine that produces a variety of rope constructions according to your requirements.

Machine Splicing

The 1,000-Ton capacity press machine from Skandinaviska Talurit™ A/B, Sweden is the only machine that produces Machine Spliced Slings with Product Liability Insurance in the country.


Socketing Service

Our socketing services assures you of high quality-finished due to our highly skilled and England-trained personnel with a complete up-to-date and state-of-the-art equipment and Manufacturers Certificates to complement our highly reliable products.


Annealing & Twisting-off Machine

Annealing & Twisting-off Machine, first of its kind in the Philippines, from Talurit A/B of Sweden to provide a fused and tapered finish to ropes.