An agricultural tramline is a hauling facility that is made of steel cables, pulleys, carriers, posts, power house, and loading and unloading platforms.

Tramlines reduce hauling cost, energy and time. The wire cables will provide a faster link between upland / downhill farms and the main road leading to the trading post. It will also remove the dependence on the porter system of hauling vegetables that spoils and damage fruits and vegetables during the transport.

Wire Rope Corporation of the Philippines in partnership with the Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Center for Post harvest Development and Mechanization (DA-PHILMECH) formerly Bureau of Post Harvest Research and Extension (BPRE) join hands to produce its first project in Barangay Bukal, Nagcarlan, Laguna thru their local cooperative

The WRCP/DA-PHILMECH Tramline Project at Nagcarlan, Laguna is a 1.8 Km. tramline, designed to carry 500 kilos of harvest vegetables and fruits from plantation to the road side.

WRCP also supplies steel cables for the different tramline projects all over Philippines through the Department of Agriculture.