WRCP Pulls Together with DMCI to Cross another Milestone in Heavy Lifting Tech

The complicated lift required a minimum capacity of 80 metric tons, WRCP provided 4 pieces of 64mm wire rope with a working load limit of 52 metric tons in a straight vertical lift. The space available only allowed for a 60o four-legged sling lift. This meant manufacturing 4 custom 64 mm slings, each with a capacity of 82 metric ton – something only WRCP can do in the Philippines.

In addition, the SEM-Calaca job required different types of lifts and slings from 50 to 120 metric ton-load capacity. WRCP provided all the slings and lifting gear requirements including different diameter and lengths of Endless Grommet Slings that only well-trained, highly skilled and professional workforce from WRCP factory can provide.

By having WRCP as part of its family, DMCI is able to successfully complete jobs with heavy lifting requirements they have to source at greater cost and delay from manufacturers and suppliers abroad in order to meet exacting international standards.

Considering the above, the following make WRCP stand tall above competitors in the Philippines:

  • WRCP is the only rope manufacturer in the Philippines that can produce 70mm diameter ropes that meet international standards.
  • Only WRCP can fabricate Machine Spliced Slings up to 64mm rope diameter in the country using “Talurit” Press Machine including dies and ferrules from Talurit™ A/B of Sweden.
  • WRCP does extremely well in Heavy Lifting Jobs required by local and international contractors due to our capability to produce Grommet Endless Wire Rope that can lift more than 500 metric tons in a straight vertical lift.
  • WRCP is the only rope manufacturer in the country with complete Testing Facilities and technically advanced Manufacturing Equipment and processes certified ISO, API and SNI standards that outclass competitors.